Number Line Addition & Subtraction Game

Number Line Addition Subtraction Game

Here is a fun at-home activity to practice using the number line with addition and subtraction problems.  Print out the number line from this website and then place it on the table or a flat surface.  Cookie pans also work well if you want to do this activity on the couch or outdoors to help provide a stable surface.  You will also need a die that you can label on it +1, +2, +3 (or -1, -2, -3).  One additional material you will need is place markers of some sort.  You can use small toys, magnets, or even puff balls.  These are used as markers for the game board.

Have your child place the markers on the game board on any number on the number line.  They can then roll the die and add or subtract the number that appears on the die.  If you have multiple children you can use this as a game to see who gets to the beginning of the end of the number line first (make sure they don’t place their initial game pieces on 1 or 10).  If they roll a value that doesn’t take them exactly to one or ten then they can’t move their piece to win the game.

Variations of this game could include using positive or negative numbers, skip counting on the number line by 2’s, 5’s, or 10’s, or creating a longer number line.  Various dice could be used to also increase the numbers they would have to move forward or backward.

Written by Laura VanHellemont

Photo by U.S. Embassy Pakistan

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