Number Line Slider Bag Activity

Number Line Slider Bag Activity

Continuing with our series in Number Line Activities for Addition & Subtraction, here is a great on-the-go activity, great while on a car ride, for practicing addition, subtraction, and using a number line.  Take a gallon size freezer bag (or sandwich bag) that has the sliding closure top and with a sharpie, write the number line across the top.  Depending on your child’s age and ability, the numbers can be negative, positive, or have various increments by 1’s, 5’s, or 10’s.  Inside the bag, you include index cards including both addition and subtraction problems (depending on the level).  You can easily make this yourself, making sure that the answers can be found on the number line that you have created.

How to Play: Number Line Slider Activity

The child then pulls out the cards from the bag and answers them with the help of the number line.  For example, the problem 6-2, the child would move the slider to the 6 and then take away 2 by sliding it to the left.  There answer would be where the slide ends, which would be four.  Here is a website that includes pictures and a description of this cool on-the-go math activity.

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Written by Laura VanHellemont

Photo by cmiked