Number Recognition Activities at Home

Number Recognition

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One area where younger students struggle when they a learning math is with the ability to recognize numbers.  It is an important concept for students to link the written word number like” one” and that it is associated with the number 1. For example, the child should recognize that dot, like on a die, can also represent numbers.     Making this connection is especially important in solving word problems.  Studies show that the type face, or font, used to write the number can also make it difficult to understand, so providing a variety of examples and exposing your child to a variety of numbers in different fonts is important.  For example, 7 can also look like 7 or seven.

Number Recognition Activities and Games

Games and activities are a great way to make practicing learning recognition at home fun.  These activities can start in pre-school and continue through lower elementary school.  An easy game to begin with is the Birmingham Grid for Learning’s activity on number recognition 1 through 10.  The first level makes connections between the written and symbol versions of the number between 1 and 10 in order, then the following levels mix the numbers not in order.


Another way to practice is by labeling items around your house with stickers.  On the sticker you can use the variety of methods of writing the number, in words, symbols, or just the number and stick them on items like eggs (12), shoes (2), coffee maker (1), and canisters on the counter (3).  This can then help you to build in discussion and recognition of numbers in your everyday life.

How do you reinforce learning about number recognition at home?

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