Number Representation and Place Value with Candy Corn

candy corn

Photo by: Jamal Fanaian

Candy corn is also provides inspiration for children to be able to represent numbers. By creating candy corn using orange, white, and yellow construction paper (or a printable) you can create an art project that then ties into math.

Number Representation Activities

One activity you could do is a matching activity where in the white portion, you write the number in standard form, in the orange section you create a dot that represents the number, and then in the yellow section you write the word form. If you do this for the numbers one through ten, then you have created a fun candy corn themed math matching activity.

Place Value Skills

Using the same concept, you can also have your child practice their place value skills. On the white part, they again write the standard form. On the orange portion they write how many tens and ones it would be to equal that number they wrote on the white portion. Then for the yellow portion, they write it in a number sentence.

The fun part of these candy corn math activities is you can also use them as decorations around your house and it provides a visual of math in the home for your children.

What other number representation activities can you think of that would incorporate the theme of candy corn?

Look back next week for more on our series on candy corn math.

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