Online Counting Activities

Having your child use resources from online to practice counting is a great way to engage your child.  Using technology is engaging and motivational for children.  When playing learning games online they get immediate feedback whether their answer is correct or not correct.  Many games also provide instruction materials to build foundational skills as the child plays.

Online Counting Activities

Block counting is an online counting game using blocks.  Initially the game starts off fairly easily with just counting the number of blocks you see on the screen.  It then becomes more difficult because they stack the blocks sometimes even in a manner where children will have to recognize that there are blocks stacked behind other blocks.  I would recommend this game for second graders and up.

AAA Math has counting games for children of all ages.  This website separates the games by specific counting concepts they should learn at each grade level.  At the top of the homepage, select the grade level of your child and then it will provide a list of the games that are provided by topic.  There are many varieties of counting games including topics like skip counting, counting numbers to 100, counting down, and finding the next number.

Another way you can work with your child online when building math skills is by searching math videos on You Tube.  There are many creative video resources to help children learn their skills through rhyme, tips, or tricks.  One great video for transition counting is called Over the Hump and Jump. The cute rhymes and animations help child to learn about counting between transitions when numbers change, for example,  from 9 to 10 and 19 to 20.

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Article by Laura VanHellemont

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