Outdoor Hands-On Activities for Summer Math Practice

Outdoor Hands-On Activities for Summer Math Practice

Practicing math with your children this summer doesn’t have to be just an indoor and online activity.  You can get outside with your children and still practice math skills.  There are so many resources online where you can read about a variety of activities you can do outdoors with your children.

Using Chalk to Solve Math Problems

One simple activity would be to use chalk and have your children solve word problems on the driveway or sidewalk.  You can also give them specific numbers and problems or have them reverse solve problems.  Here are additional ideas for chalk and math.

Math Cats – Outdoor Math Ideas

Math Cats also has additional ideas for outdoor math activities including estimating and measuring the circumference of a variety of trees, how many blades of grass are given in a specific area, or the length of your shadow at different times of the day.  Additional activities include charting the weather (temperature, humidity, precipitation, clouds, etc.) on a daily basis, or designing (and building) a play set to fit within a specific area of your yard.

eHow – Nature Math Games

eHow has even more outdoor games for children to play that incorporate math.  These games can be adapted for a variety of ages and abilities.  These outdoor games include leapfrog with numbers on the “lily pads”, flash card relay races, and solving math problems with pinecones to show the answer.  Overall, being creative with items in nature or that you have on hand and getting outdoors is a great way to get your children practicing math in a fun way.

Do you know of any outdoor games that can be adapted to involve math practice that kids will enjoy?  Feel free to share your ideas!

Photo by Chris Yarzab