Outdoor Math: Driveway Games

There are many games that you can play in the driveway of your house that you can incorporate math skills into the fun. Here is a list of fun activities for Outdoor Math: Driveway Games:

  • Math Hopscotch – Hopscotch can be a simple game where you hop between the numbers drawn on the driveway. However, you can kick it up a notch to increase the learning potential. Like in this example, you can draw the game like a calculator and then have your child hop to solve problems. You can modify and change the game to include harder or easier problems, set a time limit to see who can solve the most problems, or even reverse the game to have them figure out a problem that solves an answer you provide. The options are endless!
  • Math Shuffleboard – Another fun chalk game, you can setup a shuffleboard court on your driveway. Grab a broomstick, a ball (or hockey puck), and then draw out your game. Here is an example from com. You can use multiples or any types of numbers that will help your child to practice. Then as they score and land on the numbers, they tally up the scores to see who wins. You could even add bonus slots like “times your points by 2” or “lose half” to have them practice multiplication and division.
  • Telling Time – To practice learning how to tell time, you can draw a large clock using sidewalk chalk on your driveway. You can use any objects in your garage to help you to create minute and hour hands. Then you can have fun giving your child problems to be able to tell time. You can provide questions like “show me what 2:00 looks like”, or “count by 5 minute intervals and show what it looks like on the clock.” The website com has several ideas for this fun activity.

What fun driveway math activities do you have planned for this summer? Feel free to share and comment below. Check back for more next week on this outdoor math fun series.

Photo by:  Phing.

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