Outdoor Math: Importance of Summer Learning (part 1 of 4)

Summer is a great time to take learning outside. Outdoor math can be an important part of summer learning. Encouraging educational activities this summer through outdoor playtime can help to prevent “the summer slide.” The summer slide is that gap in learning that occurs when children are out of school for the summer and their learning and retention decrease by 2-3 months to where they were at the end of the previous school year. This series will provide you with many different examples of how you can practice math skills this summer outdoors including games that you can play incorporating math on your driveway, in your back yard, or even while having your children help with yard work.

To kickoff the series, here is one example of an activity: leaf comparisons. Have your child collect different leaves from around your yard. You can then analyze and compare the leaves in many different ways. You can arrange them by size from large to small or small to large. You can classify them by color or by type and discuss other attributes of the leaves. Lastly, you can create a table or diagram to organize them. This is a great basic math outdoor activity for lower elementary aged children.

What educational outdoor math activities do you have planned for this summer? Please feel free to share with comments below. Check back later this week for more on outdoor math.

Photo by: woodleywonderworks

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