Parent Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in Math this School Year

Parent Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in Math this School Year

As a parent, you are intrinsically an educator for your child.  You are nurturing your child   for many more years than they are receiving formal education from a teacher.  It is common for parents to be engaged in learning activities at home by reading to their child, building arts and crafts projects, interacting and learning about their community and beyond, and even implementing science experiences.  However parents typically shy away from math projects based upon their own fears of math.  This definitely does not have to be the case and these tips and tricks will help you to build your math confidence to them pass on the love of math to your children.

Positive Thinking & Learning – The First Step

One of the first steps to helping your child build their math skills is to talk positively about math at home.  If you are griping about how you never use math in front of your child or how it is hard, they will pick up upon that attitude and then expect that math will also be hard or useless to them as well.

To help to build your confidence as a positive math influence at home, it is important for you to practice and learn math concepts.  There are online resources and videos that can help you to become a confident and educated math helper for your child.  Cool Math has a webpage just for parents to learn about the expectations of math readiness for their child, how a parent can help with math learning at home, creating learning incentives for at home math practice, and resources to practice math skills with your child.

YouTube is also a great resource, just type in the topic you want to learn in the search engine and you will get a multitude of videos to help you learn the math skill you need to know in order to help your children.  For example, here is a video on how to learn multiplication tables using your hands.

How do you practice learning math skills to help your child at home?  How do you speak positively about math in your household?

Check out next week’s post about different math activities that are easily implemented in every-day activities at home.

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