Perimeter & Area Craft Ideas

Perimeter and Area Activities

One of the time-tested activities that children love to do is color!  Why not incorporate coloring with learning about perimeter and area.  Using centimeter square graph paper, you can have them write their name in block letters and then calculate the perimeter.  You could also have them create a drawing using the graph paper as a guide and then they can calculate the area of their drawing.  One fun drawing would be to have them create a robot drawing to then do their calculations.

For upper-elementary aged children, one fun activity that they like to do is to make “foldables.”  Foldables is a teaching term where children fold paper so that they are flaps where the student can write down important information about a topic and then use it as a review resource.  Here is an example of a foldable on perimeter and area.

A fun activity to introduce the idea of perimeter to younger child would be to have them trace their hand on a sheet of paper.  Then, take a piece of yarn or string and have them follow the outline by laying the string on the hand.  Then help them to cut the string at the end of the tracing.  Using a ruler, measure how long the string is and this will tell them the perimeter of their hand!

What other creative crafting ideas can you do with your children that can help them to practice their skills of computing perimeter and area?

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