Practice with Patterns & First Steps


Learning and applying patterns is a concept that is introduced in pre-school that increases with complexity as your child progresses through school.  In math, there are logic patterns like creating a pattern with colors and shapes, as well as number patterns.  Patterns involve classification of similar characteristics as well as creating a sequence.

Practice with Patterns

Children first learn to recognize patterns, then to create them, copy them, and then even extend them.  This is a very important problem solving skill that is easily adaptable for practice at home.

For younger children, you want to build their experience with patterns by first mastering the ability to sort.  You can use blocks, buttons, or other toys and household items that you have at home to begin this practice.  Start by having your child group similar shaped blocks or colored blocks.  To develop this skill further, you can also have your child sort by size, texture, length, or other attributes of the items.  You can even mix items together such as combine a set of blocks, buttons, and stuffed animals and then have your child try the sorts again.

Ideas to Practice with Patterns at Home

Here are some cute ideas of other activities that you can do at home to have your child practicing sorting and classifying.  My favorite activities were having them help to sort and fold a basket of clean laundry and sorting the silverware after it has been cleaned from the dishwasher.

Stay tuned for the next post in the series of Practicing with Patterns – Creating & Extending Patterns.

Photo by jmb_craftypickle