Practicing Fraction Skills through the Use of Technology (Post 4 of 4)

Fractions can be made fun by incorporating the use of technology at home to provide both a learning platform as well as a way to reinforce skills that you child may be learning at school.  The internet and tablet-based apps have a wide variety of learning games that can help to build confidence with building fractions. Practicing fraction skills through the use of technology can be fun for your children, and you!

Jungle Fractions is an engaging fraction app.  This app costs $2.99, but it is well worth the charge.  In this app, children learn about fractions through a fun jungle themed program with unlimited problems at a variety of levels.  This app covers the fraction topics including naming, comparing, adding, multiplying, and converting between improper and mix fractions.  In addition, the app pronounces the fractions to the user so children can learn the pronunciation of fractions as well.  This app also gives kids a score for motivation and has the ability to be used and scores may be saved for multiple children.

The Sheppard Software website has a wide variety of fraction games including equivalent fractions, halves, thirds, fourths, and simple fractions to aid in learning concepts.  Each of the arcade-style levels can be played either untimed or timed to provide a variety of challenges depending upon your child’s needs as well as a range of speeds.  These activities primarily focus upon recognition of fractions based upon shapes, which can be a limitation when using the website.

What other websites and apps do you use at home to teach about and reinforce learning about fractions at home?

Photo by: Sean MacEntee

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