Practicing Math Skills at the Pool

With summer just around the corner, practicing math skills with outdoor activities makes learning fun for children… especially at the pool!

There are ways that you can assist your child to master elementary math while swimming and splashing around this summer in the pool.  One simple activity can be to use pool toys that have numbers on them that your children have to swim to collect.  You can give them different challenges like picking up a certain number of rings,  finding the numbered swim sticks that that added together equal a specific sum or for more complexity, you can use division or multiplication.  You can also use pool toys to create patterns where they have to collect certain colors to complete the design.  Coins can be used in place of pool toys and you child can collect the coins off the bottom of the pool and practice counting money and see how much they can collect in one breath.  While practicing their swimming strokes, you can ask your child to make certain shapes in the pool to introduce geometry. For example, “swim in a circle” or show them how to swim to points in the pool to create a triangle.   If there are a number of children swimming, you can practice ordinal numbers by having them take turns and learn 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.   There are many fun ways to practice math at the pool this summer that will help your child to retain knowledge already learned or even advance their skills!

Photo by: backpacker01

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