Practicing Number Words – Number Sense

Another important aspect of place value is the ability to recognize and write numbers in words.  We touched on this a little in the post on place value.  Children need to be able to read words written in number form, not just in school but in life as well.

Simple Number Words

Children should start by being able to read and recognize the simple number words.  Start with the numbers one through ten.  You can find several fun online games to help your child match the numbers to the correct words. and are just two sites where your child can practice learning the number words.

Multiples of Ten Number Words

Once your child has mastered the numbers one through ten, start practicing the number words for counting by tens. (Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred.)  You could make flashcards with the number word on one side and the number on the other.  Your child can then practice them on their own or with you.

Harder Number Words

Once your child has learned the words for one through ten and multiples of ten, he can start putting them together to make two digit number words like fifty-seven.  Practice by saying a two digit number and having your child write the number in word form.  Or you could write a word form number and have your child read it to you.  Sheppard software has a fun online game that allows your child to splat fruit if they match the number word to the correct number.  Learning the word thousand then opens the door for even larger number words.

Practicing the word form of numbers has great long term value.  It is a skill that children will need throughout their life.  Our next number sense post will talk about comparing numbers.

How do you encourage your child to read number words when they see them?

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