Practicing Place Value at Home

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Learning place value is an important concept in math that helps your child be able to read and recognize numbers.  Without place value it would be very difficult to communicate numbers or values.  This is even more important when discussing money values and providing change for a purchase.  Brain Pop has a great article geared for parents on how to practice with their children on learning place value at home.

When starting to practice place value skills with your child at home, you should start by talking about the places of the numbers: ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands.  Using manipulatives like base ten blocks to build numbers will help them to differentiate between the place values.  For example, the number 54 can be broken down into 5 tens and 4 ones.  Virtual manipulatives can be used to visually represent the different place values.  The Learning Box also has a game where students can build the numbers with the virtual blocks.

After your child learns about breaking down the numbers into the different place value components, they also need to learn the concepts of combining the place values.  For example, 10 ones equals one 10, 10 tens equals one hundred.  This is very easy to teach with manipulatives and the ability to visually compare the blocks and their equality.  Math Cats also has a variety of activities that kids can do at home to practice their place value skills with hands on activities.

What strategies have you used at home to help your child learn place value?

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