Practicing Quick Recall Math Skills

Practicing Quick Recall Math Skills

There are some skills that are learned in math that can’t always be best taught through hands-on activities.  Many times, repetition of these skills is important to help children to memorizes facts and be able to compute quickly for daily life and advanced math problems.  Math skills that require quick recognition and computing include addition, telling time, counting money and change, calculating discounts, taxes, and tips, along with times tables.  While worksheets can be tedious, they provide an easy way for repetitive practice and for quick recognition on areas where you may need to re-teach skills.  Here are some parent and child-friendly websites where you can find worksheets to practice math skills at home for a variety of age groups.


Kidzone provides worksheets for free for pre-k through 5th grade.  Topics range from counting, addition, subtraction, to word problems.  This page has specific worksheets with a spring theme.

Math Drills has free worksheets for parents to download and print based on the topic that child is learning.  You can use this for support for what you child is learning in school to really make sure they understand the topic prior to moving to new skills.

Bugs and Numbers

Instead of completing a paper-based worksheet, you can make this activity more engaging by using an app instead.  Bugs and Numbers is a top rated app that has 3 different levels and eighteen games.  Each level, or stage, gets progressively harder including math skills like counting, currency, telling time, shapes, comparisons, addition, subtraction, and fractions.  This is a way that children can practice their math skills in a non-traditional method.

How to do you practice quick-recall math skills at home?

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