Preventing the Summer Slide in Math – Setting Up for Success

Preventing the Summer Slide in Math

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Preventing the Summer Slide in Math

With summer starting or just around the corner for many kids, now is the time to plan on how you are going to encourage and implement learning at home.  For math, students who do not practice their math skills during the summer months there is an average of a two-month slip in learning.  This is commonly referred to as the “summer slide.”

Setting Up for Success

As a parent, there are ways to combat this summer slide by planning learning activities and exercises that involve computation and problem solving.  This doesn’t have to be boring or for a stringent set time where your child has to sit down and do math worksheets. It can be fun and integrated into their daily activities.

The first thing to think about when developing ideas for math activities over the summer is to figure out where your child struggled this past year in school and what they will be expected to learn for the next year.  Your child’s teacher can be a great asset in helping you to determine weakness and strengths, content topics for the next year, as well as possible ideas of websites, games, activities, or workbooks that may be beneficial for your child.

PTA’s Parents Guide to Success

The PTA’s Parents Guide to Success is also very helpful.  This guide provides parents an overview of what your child should learn at every grade level from kindergarten through high school in both language arts and math based upon Common Core Standards.  In addition, it provides questions that you should ask your child’s teacher as well as tips for helping your child learn at home.  This resource, along with your child’s teacher, will help you to build the framework of a fun and engaging summer math learning.

What other ways have you used to determine skills your child should be practicing over the summer for math?

Check back for more in this series on preventing the summer slide in math over the coming days.

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