Real Life Application of Measuring Angles

Like a lot of math skills your child will learn, they may ask “how will I ever use this in real life?”  One activity to bring this to life is to have your child look at everyday objects and determine what type of angle they make.  For example, the corners on a yield sign, the angle the salad tongs make, or even the hands on a clock at different times.  This will help your child to distinguish between the various types of angles.  Here are additional activities and resources to help your child learn more about angles.

Real Life Application of Measuring Angles

Another real life example is that measuring angles is used to measure the elevation.  This is what a surveyor does as a job.  They measure various angles and dimensions to determine property boundaries.  They are also responsible for mapping their results to provide for cities or architects.  You might be able to find a local surveyor would be willing to show your child the tools of the trade and how they conduct their work.  This would really bring measuring angles to life.

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Article by Laura VanHellemont

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