Real Life Fractions

Real Life Fractions

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Real Life Fractions

How many times have you heard your children complain that they will never use the math they are learning in real life?  Children have a hard time seeing how math is used in life, especially concepts like fractions.  There are some ways you can show your child how fractions are used in real life.


Because measurements in recipes are often fractions of cups or tablespoons or teaspoons, simply following a recipe with your child gives them an opportunity to use fractions.  If you want a little more math work with the recipe, find a recipe that feeds too many people and have your child divide the recipe in half before you make it.  That means they will have to divide each fraction measurement by 2 before adding it to the recipe. has several recipes for large batches of brownies that your child could divide to make a smaller batch.


Another good way to use fractions with your child would be to build a project out of wood.  Almost any time you work with wood, you have to measure and cut the correct sizes of wood.  Measuring and cutting wood all use fractions of inches or centimeters. has some helpful tips for woodworking with your children as well as some detailed instructions for building a bird house or bat house.

These are just two ways that you can help your child use fractions in life.  And what fun ways to review the fraction concepts your child is learning in school!  How do you help your child see the real life uses of math?

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