Rounding with Decimals Activities

This post will conclude our series on rounding and estimation by providing more activities to do with rounding while also including rounding with decimals.

Rounding Activities

A simple deck of cards (removing the face cards and aces having a value of 1) is great for practicing rounding to 10.  Have your child flip over 2 or more cards and then add them together.  Based on what they have, they will then either round up (5 or greater in the 10’s place) or round down (4 or lower in the 10’s place) to the nearest whole.   To add complexity, you have them guess before they flip their cards over on what they think they will flip.  You can then have them calculate the difference between their estimate and the actual number.

Rounding with Decimals

For rounding with decimals, here is a great starter video from Kahn Academy with a tutorial for you and your children on the rules to follow.  You can then provide practice by using worksheets to solidify their skills.  To add complexity to this skill, you can introduce the concept of money as a decimal and then practice rounding prices of products in a store to the nearest dollar or to the nearest dime.

We hope you enjoyed this series on rounding and estimation.

How will you use what you learned to help your children master these skills?

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