Setting a Schedule for Back to School

Setting a Schedule for Back to SchoolA unique idea that incorporates math learning for a back to school project is to have your child work with you to create a daily schedule for their daily routines.  This can help children to practice learning how to read a clock and to understand time.  You can start with your morning routines for getting ready for school including brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, and getting dressed.  Then you can add school activities using the list of classes and activities from their teacher.  Finally, you can include the activities that happen after school like fun time, after school activities/sports, homework, dinner, helping to make their lunch, getting their backpack ready, bath time, reading together, and bedtime.

Having a schedule will help your child to have structure, which studies have proven makes children feel safe and develop self-discipline.  Make sure you allow your child to give input as is creates ownership of the schedule and increases willingness to follow the schedule.  A schedule is a fluid document where together you will have to review and modify the schedule as changes take place.

Here are free downloadable worksheets that you can use to create a schedule with your children.  These templates from Enchanted Learning allow you to have your child tell the time of the different activities that they do daily both on an analog and digital clock.  To be even more creative, you can combine these two types of worksheets with your child to make it specific to your household.

How do you work with your children to get them ready for the routines of back to school?

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