Shape Scavenger Hunt

A fun interactive math activity that you can do at home is a shape scavenger hunt. This helps your child to recognize and find shapes in a different way that adds interest and challenge to learning. For this activity you will need to create a sheet that has a variety of shapes and a quantity of each shape that your children will have to find. Each shape/quantity will have a point value associated with it. For example, they need to find three objects that are shaped like a circle for 5 points. You can use 3d or 2d shapes depending on the age of your group. You can use something similar to this worksheet from Scholastic for your children to write down their findings. Set a time limit for the shape hunt and then have everyone come back to a central location in order to tally up the results.

A continued conversation about shapes and geometry can be had by discussing vertices, sides, lengths, segments and arcs. These resources from Kids Math Games would be a great resource to review with your children about these topics. As a culminating activity, young learners might enjoy the Curious George episode where George goes on a shape scavenger hunt that can be viewed for free on the PBS Kids app. PBS Kids also provides another version of this activity that incorporates photography and recognition of shapes in a scavenger hunt style.

Photo by:  John Perry

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