Shape Shifting (Day 2)

Learning to combine shapes to create new shapes and objects builds upon learning to identify more  complex shapes.  This skill can be learned easily through block play.  Children can combine the blocks to build new shapes.  For example a child can combine a sphere and a cone to build an “ice cream cone.”  They can combine a cube and a pyramid to build a house.  This can then lead into a discussion about the differences between the 2D and 3D shapes and names.  You can also have your child identify the 2D shape on the 3D object.

Shape Shifting (Day 2)

Children can also learn about combining shapes by drawing them or manipulating 2D shape pattern blocks (tangrams).  They could draw or combine a triangle and a square to build a house.  Kids are also very creative.  They can build more complex objects and even animals.  Here are mats that you can print to use with tangrams to help guide your child to combine their shapes.

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Article by Laura VanHellemont

Photo By cobra_55

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