Simplifying Statistics – Mean

Simplifying Statistics

In this series on statistics you will learn about various strategies to implement at home to help your child to master the skills of calculating the mean, median, mode, and range of a set of numbers.


The mean is when you add up all of the numbers in the set and then divide by how many numbers you added together.  This can also be called finding the average of a set of numbers.  Kahn Academy provides a online introduction to these skills that would be great for you to watch as a parent to brush up your skills as well as a way for your child to visually see and listen to the concepts explained.

Online Resources About Mean (and Median, Mode, and Range)

A fun online resource to learn about mean (and median, mode, and range) is the Dunk Tank Game on PBS Learning Media.  Before the game show starts, they take you through explanations and examples of all four of the math concepts.  Then the goal is to answer the game-show style questions correctly in order to dunk one of three animals (duck, dog, or cat) into the dunk tank.  The game was fun, engaging, and very informative.

Do you have any fun activities you do at home to practice the skill of finding a mean? 

Check back later this week for part two of the series, focusing on finding the median.

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