Smarties Fractions Activity

Another fun fraction based activity involves using Smarties candies.  In each row of the candies there are a certain amount of different colored candies.  (You could actually substitute this activity with jelly beans or other seasonal colored candies as well.)  Have your child count up how many candies they have in all, and then have them separate them by color.

Smarties Fractions Activity

The total in all becomes the denominator, and the total for each color would each be the numerators.  If they were to add them all up, it would be equal to one whole.  You could then do subtraction activities as well.  For example, you can have them subtract to figure out how many more purple candies they have compared to how many pink candies that they have.  You could then even have them eat a certain amount of candies to make them equal or to change the values of the denominators and numerators.  Here is an example of a worksheet you could use while doing this activity.

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Article by Laura VanHellemont

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