Snowy Math Outdoor Activities

Snowy Math Outdoor Activities

Children don’t always need to be cooped up indoors on snowy days at home. It can be a fun time for them to get outdoors and play in the snow.  To add an element of practicing their math skills, here are some snowy math outdoor activities.

Math Outdoor Activities

One activity you can do is to have a snowball-throwing contest.  You can work with your child to make snowballs (spheres) of different sizes to then play a variety of math games.  You can have them throw the balls up in the air and then time how long they take to fall to the ground.  You can have them estimate how long they will take and then also make predictions on which ones will fall faster, the larger or smaller snow balls?  You can also have a distance throwing contest to see who can throw the snowball the farthest.  Again, you can add a variation to this depending on the size of the snowball and make estimates and predictions.  You can then compare your estimates to the actual results.  It would even be fun to keep score by writing the results with a stick in the snow!

To combine science and math, you could monitor the weather.  Have your child make predictions about the weather including temperature, precipitation, and the amount of sun for the day and then keep a record over a period of time.  You could then compare their predictions against the weather mans predictions. Reading the weather forecast in the newspaper or on a weather app on the computer allows for comparison of the data that you collect.

When you are ready to head back inside, you can continue your fun with one of these fun winter math outdoor activities.  My favorite is the activity to determine how many cotton balls you need to fill up the snowman.  What are your favorite winter-themed math activities?

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