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As part of a local mother’s Facebook group, I have seen many mothers’ reaching out for social media math rescue, especially when their child is struggling with their math homework.  This activity has increased with the new changes to Common Core. Other group members then reach out to help not only to solve the problems, but give guidance as to how to teach the concept and provide support. This can be very helpful for parents to be able to support their children’s learning at home.

These supportive online social groups can definitely be helpful to parents who may be struggling to help their children with their homework and there are also several homework help sites that can also assist in the process. Check out these other supportive resources:

  • Art of Problem Solving: The Art of Problem Solving website provides videos to explain specific math concepts broken down into management chunks. This video can help you as a parent to learn a specific skill to then apply it when helping your child.
  • CliffsNotes Math: Most adults remember CliffsNotes little yellow books that helped get you through English class, but now CliffsNotes also has a FREE section of online resources for learning math. Everything from basic math through calculus is covered. Their tips assist you to help your child at home.
  • WebMath: WebMath is a great quick resource where you can choose from a drop-down list of topics that link to a page where you can learn about the topic selected through hands-on exercises. You may also be able to enter a specific math problem. It will provide you with the answer and an explanation of how the answer is calculated. Great for both kids and parents alike!

Using Social Media to rescue you from math challenges, is an exciting way to get help you need from parents that are willing to help.

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