Spring into Math

Spring is right around the corner and it is a great way for kids to get outside (once the snow has melted) and practice their math skills in the “real world.”  One great way to incorporate math into the activities of spring is by growing a home garden.  Gardening can encompass many of subject areas including science and math.

Spring into Math

Starting Your Indoor Garden

If you live in a northern area, you can begin your gardening inside by sowing seeds.  There are many “kid-friendly” ways to start the seed process by using various home items like an egg carton, soda bottle, or milk jug to make miniature greenhouses.  Once the ground thaws, you can then transfer your seedlings outdoors.  If you are in a southern state, while you can plant directly outdoors, it would be better to sow your seeds first so you can plant the strongest seedling in your garden.

You can incorporate math by counting the number of seeds you are planting or by measuring the amount of soil you are putting in the container.  Once the seeds have sprouted, you can then calculate the germination rate depending on the number of seeds planted to the number which have sprouted.  Here are some easy to follow directions to being your indoor greenhouse with your child.

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Article by Laura VanHellemont


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