Square Numbers & Square Roots

Square Numbers Square Roots

Once your child has mastered their times tables, you can begin to introduce the concept of square numbers.  You can begin by teaching your child that the square of any number is that number multiplied by itself.

For example the square number of 2 is 4 (or 2 x 2).  Perfect squares can only be found for whole numbers, so you should definitely start with the numbers between 1 and 10.

After learning about square numbers, you will want to teach your child about perfect squares.  This involves division of the number to find the square root.  Start with problems that will give your child a perfect square.  One way to have them think of solving a square root is to say “ ? x  ? = #”.

For example ? x ? = 100.  They can then use the guess and check method until they are able to solve the problem and find the square root.  Another method would be to have your child draw a square and then try to divide it up equally to match the number.  For example √16 = ? or what is the perfect square of 4?

Square Numbers & Square Roots

If you need to brush up on your skills before teaching your child, this video is a great way for you to review before helping your child.

Written by Laura VanHellemont

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