Your Summer in Graphs

Do you want a fun way to help your children record and remember all the fun things they did over the summer?  Why not record the summer in graphs?  Not only is this a fun way to keep track of what you do this summer, but it is a great way to review a key math concept.

Activity Bar Graph

Make a list of the activities that you frequently do during the summer.  You could include things like pool trips, library visits, lunch dates to a favorite fast food restaurant, trips to the park, and any other things that you do regularly.  Write those activities along the bottom of a bar graph.  Number up the left side of the graph by either ones or two depending on how big your graph is.  For the rest of the summer, every time you do an activity, let your child color another space on the bar graph.

Temperature Line Graph

Print or make a large line graph with dates along the bottom and normal temperatures for your area going up the left side.  Next agree with your children on a time to check the temperature every day.  (You want to use the about the same time every day for a consistant graph.)  To fill in the line graph, simply make a dot on the temperature above each date.  Then connect the dots in date order.

Free Time Circle Graph

Let your child brainstorm how they like to spend their free time during the summer.  Help them think of things they like to do if they are struggling with ideas.  Then help them fill in a circle graph based on which activities they spend the most time on.  Older children could also label the circle graph with the percent of time they spend on each activity in a day.

You can help your children review graphing while keeping track of their summer activities. What a great way to make some summer memories!  What other summer things could you graph?

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