Summer Projects for Math Review

One good way to keep your children using their math skills all summer long is though project-based learning.  In simple terms, project-based learning is practicing math, writing, or reading concepts through a project of some kind.  Fun projects are a great summertime math review.

Plan a Family Picnic

While this may seems simple, it actually can require some math review.  Give your child a set amount of money to use.  Help your child budget out that money for the different food and paper goods needed for the picnic.  Once the budget has been set, take your child to the store.  Let them pick out the food items that fit within their budget.  If possible, give them cash so that they can pay and receive change as well.

Plan a Family Outing

This is similar to the picnic, but on a larger scale.  Let your child choose a place to take a family day trip to.  It could be a local zoo or aquarium.  If you live close enough, a lake, the beach, or an amusement park would be fun options as well.  Then help your child research the cost of the trip.  They can plan out the budget for the trip to review money.  They could also review elapsed time by planning out a timeline for the events of the day.  Then to make it even more real, take your family on the trip and see if you can stay within the budget and timeline that your child has worked on.

Start a Summer Business

Another fun math review project would be to start a summer project.  Your child could set up a simple lemonade stand or older children could start a lawn mowing service for the neighbors.  Whatever your child chooses, have them start by planning out the cost of their materials.  Then let them decide how much to charge for their products or services based on their cost.  You can also have them figure out how much profit they would make based on different charges.  Then let them purchase their supplies, set up their business, and make some spending money for the summer.

Not only is project-based learning an easy way to review math during the summer, but it gives your children something to keep them busy during the long days of summer!  What projects do your children do over the summer for math review?

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