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Counting Money

Even though we live in a world where people are increasingly using debit and credit cards to make purchases, children still need to understand how to count and use money.  However counting change can be extremely tricky for many children. It takes a lot of practice to enable children to count change without struggling.  The good news is that practice can be fun and

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Fun with Pictographs

A pictograph uses a small picture of some kind to symbolize a number of items.  Being able to read a pictograph is a concept learned early on in elementary math, but it can be a bit confusing at first.  Practicing with pictographs at home can make the concept more hands-on and easier to understand. How To Make a Pictograph Divide a paper into columns

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Practicing Patterns

Patterns seem like a simple concept.  And while patterns may seem unimportant, they are actually an essential part of learning math.  Children who struggle with patterns tend to struggle in many different math areas.  So how are patterns used in math, and how can you practice them with your children? Skip Counting Children use skip counting quite a bit in math. (Skip counting is

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Math Field Trips for Summer

Math Field Trips for Summer Fields trips are the most looked forward to days of any school year.  Kids and teachers alike get excited by the thought of spending the day outside of the classroom.  It doesn’t even matter where the field trip is as long as they are not in school!  Just because summer has started doesn’t mean the field trips have to

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Real Life Fractions

Real Life Fractions How many times have you heard your children complain that they will never use the math they are learning in real life?  Children have a hard time seeing how math is used in life, especially concepts like fractions.  There are some ways you can show your child how fractions are used in real life. Recipes Because measurements in recipes are often

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