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Practicing Fraction Skills through the Use of Technology (Post 4 of 4)

Fractions can be made fun by incorporating the use of technology at home to provide both a learning platform as well as a way to reinforce skills that you child may be learning at school.  The internet and tablet-based apps have a wide variety of learning games that can help to build confidence with building fractions. Practicing fraction skills through the use of technology can

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Top Online Games and Apps to Practice Measurement and Data

Using technology to reinforce math skills builds intrinsic motivation for children.  There are many online and app activities to practice collecting and graphing data that can be used to help your children practice their math skills at home. Top Online Games and Apps to Practice Measurement and Data Graph Power is a popular children’s graphing app.  This inexpensive app can create bar graphs, line

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Practicing Quick Recall Math Skills

Practicing Quick Recall Math Skills There are some skills that are learned in math that can’t always be best taught through hands-on activities.  Many times, repetition of these skills is important to help children to memorizes facts and be able to compute quickly for daily life and advanced math problems.  Math skills that require quick recognition and computing include addition, telling time, counting money

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