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Math in Real Life: Plan a Dream House

One of the best ways to make math relevant for children is by showing them how math is used in real life. In this series, we will share 4 easy real life ideas that you can use with your children to review or teach math concepts. One real life exercise that children enjoy is planning their dream house. Planning a Dream House Have your

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Developing Fun Summer Math Activities

Developing Fun Summer Math Activities After you have identified the topics and areas within mathematics that you would like to focus on helping your child to practice or master over the summer, you need to figure out fun ways for implementing it in their summer routine.  Think of things that you may be doing over the summer and see if there is a way

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Understanding Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Has your child ever struggled with understanding the difference between perimeter, area, and volume?  After all, finding perimeter, area, and volume generally involves using several different formulas depending on the shape you are working with, and that can be extremely confusing for most children. While children may struggle to choose and work with the correct formula on paper, taking a hands-on approach may help

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Perimeter & Area Craft Ideas

One of the time-tested activities that children love to do is color!  Why not incorporate coloring with learning about perimeter and area.  Using centimeter square graph paper, you can have them write their name in block letters and then calculate the perimeter.  You could also have them create a drawing using the graph paper as a guide and then they can calculate the area

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Bedroom Layout Activity

The first activity that you could do with your children is to help them create a new bedroom layout.  The materials you will need for this activity are a measuring tape, pencil, lined paper, and graph paper.  Help your child to measure the perimeter of their room by measuring the length of each wall and then adding up all of the sides.  This will

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Home Learning Activities for Practicing Perimeter

Practicing the math skills of learning how to compute area and perimeter is important because it is a skill that your child will use in their everyday life.  Perimeter is when you calculate the measurement around an object and area is when you measure the square units inside the object.  In this teaching blog, Teaching with a Mountain View ,there are good visual aids

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