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Teaching Customary Measurement: Weight

Weight can be an interesting concept to children. They love to weigh themselves, but they don’t always have a good idea of how much things actually weigh. These activities can give your child a better idea of the relationship between ounces and pounds. It can also help them develop an understanding of the actual weight of common objects. Compare Objects Start by having them

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Teaching Customary Measurement: Capacity

How many of us as adults can easily remember how many cups are in a pint? What about how many pints in a gallon? Most of us have a hard time remembering the different measurements involved in measuring capacity. So how can we help our children remember these same facts? Here are some fun ways to introduce and review the customary measurements for capacity.

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Customary Measurement: Length

Have you ever wondered how to introduce the units of length, weight, capacity, and temperature without just making your child memorize the customary measurements? These concepts can be fun and to learn. In this series, we will share some interesting ways to introduce and practice common measurement skills. Teaching length tends to be fun anyway because children enjoy using a ruler, but you can

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