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Measurement & Data – Activities Using Food

The first step in learning about measuring and representing data is by collecting the data.  Collecting data can be a fun activity to do at home.  One idea would be to have your child use a cereal or candy that has a variety of colors like Fruit Loops , M & M’s or Skittles.  You can give them a measured amount of the food,

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Top Online Games and Apps to Practice Measurement and Data

Using technology to reinforce math skills builds intrinsic motivation for children.  There are many online and app activities to practice collecting and graphing data that can be used to help your children practice their math skills at home. Top Online Games and Apps to Practice Measurement and Data Graph Power is a popular children’s graphing app.  This inexpensive app can create bar graphs, line

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Measurement and Data – The Basics

Measurement and Data – The Basics One common thread through all levels of math, even as early as kindergarten, is collecting data and then representing the data through graphs.  This important skill can be integrated into home learning activities that are engaging for your children and also incorporate real-life scenarios.  This series will concentrate on a variety of activities that you can use at

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