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Algebra for Elementary Age Children Using Word Problems (2 of 4)

Now’s the time to begin algebra for elementary age children using word problems.  In the first post in this series, I encouraged you to introduce algebra concepts to your children at home through the use of manipulatives to solve expressions. Taking this concept one step further, you can integrate algebra, expressions, and reading through solving word problems. The ability to correctly solve word problems

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Memorizing Math Facts

Hands on math activities are crucial for understanding a new concept. We can use counters, pictures, and other fun math tools to introduce the basic operations.  However, at some point our children need to begin memorizing math facts. This can definitely be one of the more challenging areas of math for any child. So how can you help your child memorize his math facts

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Math in Real Life: Figuring Gas Mileage

Another real life math skill that your child will need to know someday is the ability to figure out gas mileage. Most of us think about the gas mileage a car gets before purchasing a new car, and being able to estimate how much gas will cost can help when planning a budget for a road trip. Introducing Gas Mileage Most children will not

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Back to School Review: Upper Elementary

A new school year is right around the corner for most of us.  Now is the perfect time to start reviewing the skills and concepts that your children learned last year.  Going over those math concepts allows your child to be fully prepared for the school year ahead.  Here are some ideas of concepts to review with your upper elementary child. Basic Math Facts

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Grocery Store Math: Estimating, Making Change, Multiplication and Division

Grocery Store Math Most older children truly dislike going to the grocery store.  However, grocery shopping can be the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to real life cases where math is important and useful. Estimating Most people at the store have a general idea of how much money they can or want to spend.  Ensuring that they stay below that amount means that

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Integers: Remembering a Few Simple Rules

Much of math involves working with integers – positive and negative numbers, and yet it is an area that most children struggle to understand. By remembering a few simple rules, you can help your children easily master the basics of positive and negative numbers. Adding Integers Adding integers seems difficult, but there are two rules that will work for every addition problem. same signs

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