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Candy Corn Math – Estimation

With fall now in full swing, the leaves changing, football games in action, and the weather cooling down, it would be fun to practice math skills at home using a fall theme. As an added bonus, candy corn is inexpensive and provides a tasty motivation for children to practice their math skills. When thinking about this idea of using candy for math, I was

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Money and Temperature Estimation Skills

In the previous posts within this series, you learned about various activities to help practice various estimation skills.  Money values and temperatures are real-life examples of when we use rounding and are important skills for children to learn.  When estimating money, they can predict how much something with cost or how much everything will cost in all.  For temperature, they can estimate to the

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Estimation with Sums, Differences, Products, Quotients

Estimation with Sums, Differences, Products, Quotients To build upon our first post in this series about estimating, we are going to go one step further by outlining activities for practicing the skills of estimation with sums, difference, products, and quotients.  In this sort of practice, your child can round up or down based upon the whole numbers and then calculate the answer to the

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Estimation and Rounding Hands-on Activities

In this series on estimation and rounding, you will learn about methods to teach your children about how to estimate and round through hands-on activities.  These are important skills to learn, that as adults, we use in our everyday lives.  It is also a recurring topic that is covered in almost every grade level of math from first grade through high school. Learning to

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