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Fun with Shapes

Teaching children about shapes can be a fun adventure. There are so many interesting ways to introduce or review the shape names.  You can use these activities to introduce a lesson on shapes.  They would also be a fun review before a test or even an interesting assessment after the lesson is over. Shape Scavenger Hunt Have your child search for specific shapes around

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Top Online Games and Apps to Practice Measurement and Data

Using technology to reinforce math skills builds intrinsic motivation for children.  There are many online and app activities to practice collecting and graphing data that can be used to help your children practice their math skills at home. Top Online Games and Apps to Practice Measurement and Data Graph Power is a popular children’s graphing app.  This inexpensive app can create bar graphs, line

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Football Statistics – Math in Sports

Team sports are a great way to use math in a real life situation.  Kids often see math as an unnecessary evil.  It can be helpful to show them that math is used by many people in many professions.  One way that math is used in sports is to figure out player and team statistics.  So far, we have discussed finding soccer, baseball, and

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Basketball Statistics – Math in Sports

Math in Sports: Basketball Statistics Math can be found in every area of life including sports.  Children will enjoy using math to find their own statistics for the sports they play. Basketball is a popular winter sport for children of all ages. Finding common basketball statistics for themselves and their teammates is a fun way to reinforce math concepts. Total Points Per Game Children

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Games to Keep Math Flashcards Fun

Math Flashcards Flashcards are a necessary part of every child’s life.  After all, memorizing the basic math facts is one of the keys to succeeding in math.  But math flashcards don’t have to be boring and repetitive. There are several games you can play with your child to make learning math facts fun. Beat the Clock The only thing needed for this game is

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