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Fun with Shapes

Teaching children about shapes can be a fun adventure. There are so many interesting ways to introduce or review the shape names.  You can use these activities to introduce a lesson on shapes.  They would also be a fun review before a test or even an interesting assessment after the lesson is over. Shape Scavenger Hunt Have your child search for specific shapes around

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Fun Winter Math Ideas

Many times a math concept has to be practiced over and over again before a child fully understands it. While this is important, it can also be boring for the child (and the parent). You can make the repetitive practice more fun for your child simply by changing the materials you use to fit the season.  Here are some fun ways to winterize your

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Math in Real Life: Plan a Dream House

One of the best ways to make math relevant for children is by showing them how math is used in real life. In this series, we will share 4 easy real life ideas that you can use with your children to review or teach math concepts. One real life exercise that children enjoy is planning their dream house. Planning a Dream House Have your

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Fun Geometry Games

Learning geometry is usually fun for children.  They enjoy playing with shape blocks and using mirrors to learn about symmetry.  However, you may not have access to lots and lots of hands on materials to use with your children.  The good news is that you can find websites that act just like those same manipulatives to give your children the same experience. Geoboard A

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Building Blocks of Building Shapes

Children learn about shapes like circles, squares, and triangles as early as pre-school.  Shapes are important because they are represented in the word around us.  It gives us a way to organize information visually and make connections between shapes and our environment.  For example, the cookie is a circle, and the slice of watermelon is a triangle.  Shapes can also be important for children

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Terminology and Classification of Angles

An early geometry skill that children learn about is determining the degree of and types of angles.   Learning about angles is very important for construction and sports and a variety of ’angles’ are used in your everyday life.  This lends it to a skill that you can review and practice at home. Types of Angles The first thing that you should do is work

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