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Math Motivators | Math Tips

Do you have one of those children that hates doing math every day?  Do they act like you are torturing them when they have to complete even a few problems?  Possibly one of these simple ideas can help motivate your child to complete their math faster (or at least with less complaining). Grade Their Own Math Papers It’s amazing how a child will get

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Understanding Story Problems

Even if your child understands the basic math operations like addition and subtraction, chances are they still get somewhat confused by story problems.  Story problems can be overwhelming for a number of reasons.  Maybe your child struggles to read all the words in the problem.  Maybe they just don’t know what to do with all those numbers.  Whatever the reason, story problems can be

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Capitalizing from Free Online Math Resources

Every parent or childcare provider has days when your child comes home and says,  “Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Laura, etc, I need help with my math homework.”  You then sit down with your child and they take out their homework and a majority of the time you can jump right in and help them to practice their skills and get their assignments done.  However,

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Math Homework Help Tips

Another way that a parent can help their child with learning math is by helping with math home learning assignments.  Sometimes parents shy away from helping with this type of math homework for two different reasons.  First, they feel they are not competent enough to help and the other is that they will end up doing all of the work for their child.  It

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