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Algebra for Elementary Age Children (1 of 4)

Algebra is a concept that many parents think that their children won’t be exposed to or master until late middle school or even into high school. However, this definitely does not have to be the case because algebra for elementary age children is not only important, it’s necessary to give them an early foundation. In this series you will learn about how you can

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Fun Manipulatives for Hands On Math

We all know that math can be a pretty boring subject. We can all remember doing page after page of math problems to learn a new skill. However, in order for your child to fully understand the math they are learning, we need to make math both fun and interesting. One easy way to make math fun, especially for younger children, is to use

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Math Supplies for Learning at Home

By creating a space for math supplies, you can create a math investigation area at home.  This will help your child to authentically interact and solve math problems on demand with their own math supplies. This would be similar to how a reading nook encourages you child to read and a math investigation area can encourage them to practice math. Depending on your child’s

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¾ of the Way There – Learning about Fractions

Fractions are a math skill that is introduced in the 3rd grade.  It is a math concept that many kids struggle with mastering, but there are many ways that you can practice fractions at home in a fun and engaging way.  One way to really connect kids with learning about fractions is through technology.  There are many apps and websites that can grab the

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Practicing Place Value at Home

Learning place value is an important concept in math that helps your child be able to read and recognize numbers.  Without place value it would be very difficult to communicate numbers or values.  This is even more important when discussing money values and providing change for a purchase.  Brain Pop has a great article geared for parents on how to practice with their children

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