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Focus on Math Activities While You Wait

Math Activities While You Wait There are many times in life that you may find yourself in a situation where you are waiting with your children like at the airport for a flight, at the doctor’s office, or while you are waiting for food at a restaurant.  This weekend, while waiting in an airport, I saw many parents handing children their smartphones or tablets

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Easy at Home Activities to Build a Positive Relationship with Math

There are many ways to incorporate learning math at home in daily activities like baking, cooking, eating, shopping, bath time, walks, or even swimming.  You could have your child help you to make a drink like Kool-Aid and measure out the amount of water and ingredients to make the drink.  Another activity could be to estimate how many seconds it takes to swim from

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Rainy Day Math Activities

During the summer, it is great to get outdoors with your kids while incorporating learning in their environment. However, not all days are full of sunshine and summer breezes that make this possible.  Here are a few quick and easy hands-on indoor math activities for learning fun. Lego Balance Scale On Frugal Fun 4 Boys, they have a fun way to practice learning about

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