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Snowy Math Outdoor Activities

Children don’t always need to be cooped up indoors on snowy days at home. It can be a fun time for them to get outdoors and play in the snow.  To add an element of practicing their math skills, here are some snowy math outdoor activities. Math Outdoor Activities One activity you can do is to have a snowball-throwing contest.  You can work with

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Connect 4 Math Games

Using the “old-school” game of Connect 4™, you and your children can have tons of math fun at home.  Simply put, you can teach your child using Connect 4 to make sequences, recognize patterns, count to four, use sorting and employ logic techniques.  This game can also be modified to practice other math skills. Another idea would be to write on the pieces that

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Outdoor Hands-On Activities for Summer Math Practice

Practicing math with your children this summer doesn’t have to be just an indoor and online activity.  You can get outside with your children and still practice math skills.  There are so many resources online where you can read about a variety of activities you can do outdoors with your children. Using Chalk to Solve Math Problems One simple activity would be to use

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