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Math in Real Life: Figuring Gas Mileage

Another real life math skill that your child will need to know someday is the ability to figure out gas mileage. Most of us think about the gas mileage a car gets before purchasing a new car, and being able to estimate how much gas will cost can help when planning a budget for a road trip. Introducing Gas Mileage Most children will not

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Math in Real Life: Plan a Dream House

One of the best ways to make math relevant for children is by showing them how math is used in real life. In this series, we will share 4 easy real life ideas that you can use with your children to review or teach math concepts. One real life exercise that children enjoy is planning their dream house. Planning a Dream House Have your

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Math in Real Life: Planning a Party

At one point in our life or another, we as adults have been forced to throw some type of party. Maybe it’s a New Year’s Eve party for friends or a birthday party for one of our children. What most children don’t realize is that throwing a party takes quite a bit of math related planning. You can help your child practice using real

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