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Using Math Journals

Have you ever wanted to incorporate more writing into your math lessons?  After all, students need to be able to write about many different things in many different areas.  One easy way to add a little writing into your math lesson is by using math journals. What is a Math Journal? Math journals are a simple way to incorporate a small amount of writing

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Interactive Math Notebook at Home – Review & Connections

In this series on creating an interactive math notebook with your children at home, I have covered the basics knowing what a math notebook consists of, getting the facts down, and suggestions of how to add engaging creative elements.  While much of the fun and time spent with your child is in creating the notebook, the goal is that the notebook will be so

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Interactive Elements of a Math Notebook

The interactive elements of a math notebook that you will be using at home are what make it most meaningful and engaging for children.  These elements make the notebook a “hands-on” experience for children to practice their math skills. Simple interactive elements that could be added to a math notebook can just be simple printouts from online (or hand drawings) that represent ways to

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Creating an Interactive Math Notebook – Getting Down the Facts

One of the important components of the interactive math notebook, while not highly interactive in itself, is the basis for learning and organizing math skills.   This part of the notebook needs to be developed prior to moving to the higher level of interactive elements of the notebook.  For example, to build upon an idea in math you may need to know vocabulary, basic facts,

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Creating an Interactive Math Notebook for Home – Setup

Creating an Interactive Math Notebook for Home Writing isn’t just for Language Arts class anymore!  One fun way to get your children engaged in math at home is to create an interactive math notebook.  In this series focusing on creating a math notebook, you will learn how to setup a math notebook, encourage your child to add interactive elements to their notebook, and how

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