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Summer Money Math – Spending & Sharing

To conclude our series on Summer Money Math, the final part of the earning process is typically some spending.  How your child makes good choices about spending should include family involvement and discussion during the goal setting process of why they want to earn the money.  What did they want the end result to be?  It should be a balanced combination of saving, spending,

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Summer Money Math – Saving

After your child has done the hard work earning the money, their first instinct may to be to run over to the mall to buy the latest and greatest trendy item.  My parents said that the money was “burning a hole in my pocket.” Younger children may not understand that they have not earned the total amount needed to buy the item they are

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Summer Money Math – Earning

A great way for children to practice their money math skills this summer is though earning, saving, and spending. Money can be earned by completing chores around the house, helping out neighbors, or even working a part time summer job. When children earn a reward like an allowance for a job well done, they take accountability for their actions and want to do the

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