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Number Recognition Activities at Home

One area where younger students struggle when they a learning math is with the ability to recognize numbers.  It is an important concept for students to link the written word number like” one” and that it is associated with the number 1. For example, the child should recognize that dot, like on a die, can also represent numbers.     Making this connection is especially important

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Why Kids Struggle with Math and How to Help

Why Kids Struggle with Math and How to Help Math is one subject area where kids can struggle to master the concepts and be successful.  There are several areas of weakness common to many children including number facts, computation, following directions, understanding terminology, and transferring knowledge that can make math challenging for kids.  One thing to keep in mind is that you should always

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Grocery Store Math

Grocery Store Math Of all the things your child hates to do, going to the grocery store probably tops their list.  Shopping can be a boring experience for a child, but it can also be a good time to introduce your child to some real life math problems for children of any age. Number Recognition There are numbers everywhere in a grocery store. Point

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