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Number Sense: Comparing Numbers

Number sense is the ability to understand the relationship between numbers.  It involves knowing place value and recognizing number words.  Another concept that increases number sense is comparing numbers with each other. Comparing Basics When a child compares numbers, they are deciding if a number is greater than, less than, or equal to another number.  Special math symbols are used to indicate these relationships.

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Practicing Number Words – Number Sense

Another important aspect of place value is the ability to recognize and write numbers in words.  We touched on this a little in the post on place value.  Children need to be able to read words written in number form, not just in school but in life as well. Simple Number Words Children should start by being able to read and recognize the simple

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Mastering Place Value – Number Sense

Children of all ages need to develop a quality known as number sense.  Number sense involves understanding how numbers relate to each other.  One important aspect of number sense is mastering place value. Place Value Defined Place value is breaking down each digit in a number into its true value.  For example, the number 273 has a 2 in the hundreds place, a 7

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