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Outdoor Math: Yard Work

In the last post in our series on outdoor math, examples will include how to incorporate completing yard work with math practice. While the activities covered in our previous posts were fun from the start, these activities are more helpful and possibly related to chores, but can still be a lot of fun for children. Yard work doesn’t always have to be boring and

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Outdoor Math: Backyard Fun

This summer, your children can continue to practice their math skills by planning outdoor fun that incorporates math. This post will provide several examples of how you can incorporate math into fun backyard games. Outdoor Math: Backyard Fun! Water Balloon Toss – A water balloon toss is a creative way that you can incorporate math and outdoor water play. There are many variations of

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Outdoor Math: Importance of Summer Learning (part 1 of 4)

Summer is a great time to take learning outside. Outdoor math can be an important part of summer learning. Encouraging educational activities this summer through outdoor playtime can help to prevent “the summer slide.” The summer slide is that gap in learning that occurs when children are out of school for the summer and their learning and retention decrease by 2-3 months to where

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Snowy Math Outdoor Activities

Children don’t always need to be cooped up indoors on snowy days at home. It can be a fun time for them to get outdoors and play in the snow.  To add an element of practicing their math skills, here are some snowy math outdoor activities. Math Outdoor Activities One activity you can do is to have a snowball-throwing contest.  You can work with

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